Join Us!

Start your Sunday with movement and meditation in community.

Join our bi-weekly Zoom practice that includes Qigong standing meditation, gentle mindful Qigong movement, and a sitting meditation. This is a great way to mindfully head into the week in a calm, positive, and uplifting way.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese mindful movement practice. The sessions are scheduled every other Sunday from 8:30 am - 9:30 am eastern time.

Upcoming sessions are scheduled for:
January 7, 2024
January 21, 2024
February 4, 2024
February 18, 2024
March 3, 2024
March 17, 2024
March 31, 2024

We will gather together for a brief check in and then flow into about a 20 minute Qigong standing meditation followed by approximately 20 minutes of Qigong moving meditation. We conclude with a brief 10 minute sitting meditation, and then Q&A. The session lasts approximately one hour.

This entire practice can also be done sitting. While the movements are gentle, listen to your body. Do not engage in any practices that can result in or exacerbate an injury. Please confer with your health care provider with any questions you have about whether this practice is right for you emotionally or physically.

RSVP closes at 8:00 am the morning of the session and the session begins promptly.

The Zoom link will be sent to you by email the morning of the session. If you do not receive the link email, please check your junk email box, and select not junk. The email will be moved to the inbox, click on the blue text.

To participate in this session you will need to have the technological capability to communicate verbally from the beginning of the session not only through the chat feature.

This is a donation based session. If you want to leave a donation you can find me on Paypal at